Seraphim won the title of ”Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center“

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Recently, Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co.,LTD (hereafter refers as Seraphim) has been granted the title of Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center. This title reflects upon Seraphim’s excellence in R&D and smart manufacturing.

Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center is co-recognized by Jiangsu Economy and Information Technology Commission, Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Department, financial department, State Taxation Bureau, and Local Taxation Bureau and Customs. Winning the title requires enterprise application, regional authority recommendations, expert evaluations, and committee judgment. The winner was chosen under very strict conditions. The key is to evaluate the company’s spirit for innovation and its research and development strength and ability. The title of Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center is given to the candidate that demonstrates effort in promoting enterprise technology advancement and promoting industrial transformation. Under such strict criteria, Seraphim with its superior innovative strength, won the unanimously vote of the judging committee team.

Since the beginning, Seraphim has been committed to promoting healthy development of photovoltaic industry. Seraphim has a specialized R&D center and relies on its strong scientific research strength to push forward industry innovation. Seraphim established the smart production system and quality management system to ensure high quality solar products for its customers. It efficiently reduces the manufacturing cost in order to enhance its product’s competitiveness within the industry. Seraphim has successfully passed the TUV, CSA, DNV-GL, and other certifications. It was also the recipient of the “Intelligent Production Enterprise” Award bestowed by the Chinese government in 2015.

“The title of ‘Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center’ demonstrates Seraphim’s reputation for innovation and creativity and fully embodies its leading position in the industry of solar technology. This also provides strong support for our development in solar markets in the future.” said Seraphim Executive General Manager, Justin Xi.

In order to promote technological progress of the whole industry, Seraphim will continue to improve and expand its technical strength, continuously improve its independent innovation ability, and to play an exemplary role as the technology center in the solar industry.