SERAPHIM announced that PV products were accreditation by CEC

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Changzhou, China

Seraphim Solar System, (“SERAPHIM”), integrated manufacturer of PV products based in Changzhou China, announced that the PV products have been approved by Australia Clean Energy Council (CEC).

CEC listing accreditation is a qualification which demonstrates competence in products, design and installation of stand-alone (SPS) and grid-connected (GC) solar photovoltaic power systems in Australia. It definitely helps SERAPHIM establish Australian market rapidly and effectively, with strong foundation for the market development.

“The development in Australian market is one important strategic operation in sales network expansion worldwide. Seraphim will continuously improve the CEC listed product power range in the future, in order to provide best efficient product for this unique market” the director of sales and marketing, Mr. Light Li from SERAPHIM, added.