Seraphim was Invited to China Intelligent PV Manufacturing Conference 2017

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On May 24-25, Jiangsu Seraphim SolarSystem Co., Ltd. was invited to China Intelligent PV Manufacturing Conference 2017as a terminal supporting unit. In the conference, Qian Hongjiang, Director ofthe Strategic Innovation Department of Seraphim, gave a report themed by “IntelligentManufacturing with PV”, and shared the practice of Seraphim in the intelligentmanufacturing demonstration plant.

It is introduced that the conference invites German Industrie 4.0 experts,including experts of KUKA Industrial Automation, Secretary of Industry 4.0 Club,experts of Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute and HangzhouAutomation Research Institute and the intelligent PV manufacturingdemonstration plants including Seraphim, Artes and Chint and the supporting Industrie 4.0 experts who describethe origin of intelligent PV manufacturing of China.

To respond to the policy of “China Manufacturing2025”, Seraphim takes the lead in transferring to intelligentmanufacturing from traditional manufacturing, with the PV intelligent plantintegrating design, R&D, material transportation management, productionscheduling, production management, on-site management and after-sales services.The intelligent plant is equipped with the automatic production lines whoseintellectual properties are owned by Seraphim, and takes equipment, process andproduction operation and management into account in the concept ofintelligence, thus ensuring the perfect combination of process and equipmentand creating intelligent and complete sets of equipment and low productioncost; with the world’s most advanced H.A.L.M testing system and the automaticidentification facilities including barcodes, e-labels and barcode scanners, itmonitors the plant environment and resource consumption via Internet of Things.With the self-developed production management system of ERP that apply to PVenterprises, PV enterprises’ characteristics are fully considered, and recordsand statistic analyses are made on the whole process implementation plan andinformation system, forming the first real-time and traceable product qualitymanagement system in the industry. In 2015, Seraphim became one of the firstbatch of companies who pass the certification of intelligent demonstrationplant of Jiangsu.