Seraphim Solar donated off-grid PV systems to Tibetan primary schools of Tibet and Sichuan in Wester

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8th Aug, 2013 – Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd (“Seraphim”), a world’s leading-quality producer of solar panels, announced that it has donated 8KW off-grid solar PV systems to two Tibetan primary schools respectively in Pajiang village of Shigatse, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Qudeng village of Litang county, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province.

Located in remote area of Tibet Plateau, the two villages of the primary schools are not only lack of transportation infrastructure but also far away from the national grid. These off-grid systems will meet the basic electricity needs of the schools. In addition, hundreds of books, winter clothing, stationeries and other necessary supplies donated by Seraphim employees were also delivered to the schools for the start of new semester.

“Seraphim will team up with the Tibet Care Associations, and continuously offer our help. Social Responsibilities is not reserved for huge companies, we are committed to integrate social, environmental, and economic concerns into our values and operations. We care people, the people of Seraphim, the people of our community and the people who need the most help. The charity plays an important role in contributing to the sustainable growth and promoting our value of ‘Partner to Customer, Friend to Community, Family to Staff’ ” said Polaris Li, General Manager of Seraphim Solar System.