Seraphim Marketed its Modules at South Africa Solar Exhibition

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On March 28-29, 2017, with an environmental-friendly and high-efficiency image, Seraphim brought its high-efficiency Eclipse™ modules and conventional monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules to the South Africa Solar Exhibition held in Johannesburg, which was the most important solar exhibition of South Africa with many international exhibitors.

As a highlight at the Exhibition, Seraphim’s high-efficiency Eclipse™ modules attracted many traders and customers. With innovative process, the Eclipse™ modules have the efficiency greatly improved, and thanks to their high stability, greatly-reduced hot spot effect and good PID resistance as well as the greatly improved appearance due to the grating-free design, the modules apply to various power generation projects including residences, commercial roofs and large ground power plants.

Through the exhibition, Seraphim made a full survey and evaluation on the market environment, consumption custom and religion of South Africa, laying a valuable foundation for understanding the new energy market of Africa, improving product positioning and expanding the market.

Having spread throughout over 30 countries, Seraphim’s PV products play an increasingly important role in the U.S., Japan, India and Europe. As the world’s leading PV module manufacturer standing out at the Exhibition, Seraphim will make an important distribution in the new energy market of South Africa to lay a solid foundation for market expansion.