Seraphim launch its AC solution Polaris/Solaris to the Australian and the global market

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1st Aug, 2013 – Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd (“Seraphim”), a world’s leading-quality producer of solar panels, announces the launch of its AC modules Polaris and Solaris to the global market, beginning in Australia.

As opposed to DC system utilizing string or central inverters, ACPV system that is preassembled with microinverters allows each solar panel to operate independently, therefore the typical environmental factors or the module mismatch do not degrade the overall performance of the array, there is minimal negative impact on the solar harvest. AC module systems avoid high DC voltage, which makes installation and maintenance safer and offers greater safety.

Terry Jin, Technical Director of Seraphim Solar System, said: “Partnered with APS Inc, a professional supplier of microinverters, Seraphim AC modules undergo vigorous factory testing, evaluation and field tracking, resulting in the highest quality. Polaris is a pre-assembled system consisting of an YC250 microinverter and 1 Seraphim panel while Solaris embodies an YC500 and 2 panels, in either silver or black color, mono or poly crystalline.”

“Our AC modules provide up to 25% more energy output than the conventional systems, while reducing up to 50% of the system design and installation cost. In addition, the availability of Polaris and Solaris together offer great flexibility in system design especially for the complicated residential rooftops.”

“Seraphim is committed to bringing the highest quality PV solutions and services, Polaris and Solaris AC modules enrich our product portfolio for the high growth Australian as well as the global markets. These large residential applications offer tremendous potential for Seraphim AC solutions,” said Justin Xi, Executive GM of Seraphim Solar System.

With intelligent networking and monitoring systems, Seraphim is proud to offer the ACPV solution in a complete way. Seraphim’s ECU (Energy Communication Unit) is the information gateway to collect and transfer module performance data in real-time, giving comprehensive control over each individual module. Seraphim’s Monitoring system can constantly monitors the installation, which allows customers around-the-clock management of their solar PV array through any web-enabled device at anywhere.