Quality Engineer

2年 に掲載

1. Bachelor degree or above in science and engineering, more than three years experience in quality management.

2, familiar with the quality management system.

3. It is preferred to have experience in the photovoltaic industry.

4, be good at office software and English.

Job specification
1. Responsible for organizing IQC ,IPQC, OQC,OQA

2, responsible for the company’s quality system certification, the implementation of quality system requirements, and carry out internal training.

3. Analyzing customer needs and propose corresponding quality control standards.

4, manage the company’s measuring instruments, including regular checks.

5. Responsible for the collection, analysis and preservation of company quality data. Raise the plan for improving product yield.

6, handle customer complaints. Lead the investigation and analysis of quality accidents;

7, adapt to travel at home and abroad.