Jiangsu Orient Seraphim Power Development Co., Ltd. was funded, Focusing on Distributed PV Station

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Recently, Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Seraphim), a global leading photovoltaic module manufacturer, announced to sign an investment agreement with Changzhou Orient New City Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Orient New City) to establish Jiangsu Orient Seraphim Power Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Orient Seraphim) and jointly develop distributed PV projects.

The Orient Seraphim mainly focuses on photovoltaic power asset development, power station construction, power station operation and maintenance, investment management, power generation and sales etc., and is going to invest in the construction of distributed projects first in commercial complexes, school buildings, hospitals and large-scale public buildings. It is expected that 100MW-150MW projects will be built in 2017. Distributed PV project has vast potential for future development in China. With strategic foresightedness, Seraphim identified this opportunity long time ago. In addition to promoting the lean manufacturing and reducing the cost, the downstream market is also exploited by Seraphim while targeting the investment distribution of distributed PV stations. The Orient New City, being engaged in the investment and construction of state-owned assets, also makes active response to the state call of promoting the development and application of distributed new energy, which is significant to energy conservation and emission reduction.

“The establishment of the partnership is a milestone for Seraphim to leverage the downstream areas as a photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise.” The Seraphim executive general manager Justin.Xi says, “We should make the most of our technological advantages in module manufacturing, as well as Orient New City’s rich experience and resources in urban investment and construction, so as to further promote distributed photovoltaic power station business, and increase profit growth point. Orient New City is well prepared to provide experience and technical support and consistently expand the global market. We are willing to share our experience with people who devoted themselves to PV industry, and contribute to the sustainable development of our society.”

“Seraphim and Orient New City will devote our excellent practices in product quality management, engineering management and innovative research and development concept into Orient Seraphim. We will develop distributed PV projects hand in hand to secure the rapid development of the joint venture. We believe that our cooperation is a powerful combination and win-win situation. ” says Qian Wenjun, the general manager in Orient New City.

After the establishment, we are set to promote the development of photovoltaic new energy, further enhance the R&D ability, actively facilitate market expansion, expand product coverage and promote steady development of enterprises, so as to lead the national distributed PV plant investment and operation, and to contribute to global green energy.