“Hearing the Future, Shifting the Future” –Seraphim Cooperates with iHEARu Charity Fund to Help Hearing Impaired Children

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On April 21, Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (“Seraphim”) attended the First Partners Conference and Themed Book Reading held by the China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation’s iHEARu Charity Fund in Beijing, to help impoverished hearing-impaired children regain health at an early time. Vice President of Seraphim Qian Hongjiang, Secretary General of the iHEARu Charity Fund Wang Juan, Director of the Otology Department of Tongren Hospital Li Yongxin, representatives of volunteers, parents of healed children, and managers of rehabilitation school attended the event..

Seraphim and iHEARu Charity Fund reached a long-term partnership which primarily targets the “Cognitive Center” project for those hearing-impaired children. This is a program aims at improving the effectiveness of rehabilitation training center so as to get those children prepared for ordinary public education.

The program consists of two main parts: the “hardware” part of facilities and tools, and the “software” part of a systematic training program. The “hardware” part means books, play tools, educational tools etc. specially designed for accelerating the rehabilitation process and developing learning ability. The “software” part means a systematic training program for teachers at recovery centers and parents of children with hearing problems. This training program will show them how to take care of and educate hearing impaired children and how to get those poor kids prepared for ordinary public education.

Representatives of volunteers, parents of hearing impaired children, and recovery centers shared their stories in the work of helping these disabled children, which deeply moved all the attendees. As the executive directors of the iHEARu Charity Fund, CCTV’s famous host Ma Hongtao and Chen Jie, together with Xie Yingling, Peng Kun, Ji Xing, Li Bing, Dong Liping, Lv lv, Chen Liang brought to the audience an excellent recital art performance.